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Therapeutic Treatments from Winnipeg RMTs: Massage, Reflexology, Reiki & More

At Unity Massage, your health is our top priority. All of our therapies are designed to promote your wellbeing. If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, we’ll help you to achieve relaxation. If you’re recovering from an injury or experiencing physical discomfort, we’ll help to heal your body and alleviate your pain.

RMTs for Therapy and Relaxation

We’re registered massage therapists (RMTs), and we’ve got the training, experience and certification with various types of massage. We’ll tailor our treatment just for you and your specific preferences and areas of soreness. Our massage services are covered by most insurance providers and include:

More Therapeutic Treatments

In addition to massage, we offer a range of other therapeutic services. As with our massages, these are designed to increase your wellness through muscle treatments, positive energy and stress relief. We offer:

To inquire about these services, or to book an appointment with Unity Massage, contact us today.

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