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Innotech Nutrition Solutions

Winnipeg’s Source for Health Products: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D & More

Our treatments promote healing and relaxation, but overall health requires more than just therapy: it’s a lifestyle. In order to help you to lead a healthy life every day and feel your absolute best, Unity Massage sells a range of health products at our Winnipeg clinic.

When you visit us, you can buy items designed to improve your body’s well being and maintain mental health. Our products are supplied by Innotech Nutrition. Items we carry include:

  • Liquid magnesium (to promote nutrient metabolization)
  • Cardioflex (for cardiovascular health)
  • Vitamin B12 spray (for metabolization)
  • Vitamin D spray (for healthy teeth and bones)
  • Colflex spray (for coughs and sore throat relief)
  • Power Play Sport™ Grape flavour
  • Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 
  • Innotech nutrition vitamin c ascorbic acid powder, 14.1 oz
  • NaturePro whey protein powder, vanilla (white), 28.21 oz
  • And more

These products are particularly effective when used in conjunction with our therapies. To ask about the availability of our products, or to schedule an appointment for treatment, contact Unity Massage today. If you’re purchasing for someone else, we also sell gift certificates.

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