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RMTs for Your Complete Wellbeing

We promote emotional and physical wellness with our therapeutic services and caring practitioners. We’ll tailor our treatment to your individual needs to alleviate stress and promote healing.

Unity Massage Now Offered On-Line Booking

Please note not all services or therapists are available for online booking. If your preferred therapist or service is not listed, please contact us directly at 204-253-6324 to book an appointment.

Unity Massage – See a Winnipeg Registered Massage Therapist

If you’re experiencing muscle pains, joint aches, stress, or any other physical and emotional discomfort, Unity Massage is here to help. We’re based in Winnipeg, and we strive to promote healing and relaxation through our wide range of therapies and health products.

Registered Massage Therapists Covered by Insurance

As registered massage therapists (RMT), we provide effective massage therapy through our knowledge, experience and care in all aspects of our treatment. We offer the highest quality care. By consulting with you about any medical needs and incorporating a variety of techniques, we customize each treatment to meet your specific therapeutic requirements. All of our therapists are covered by most insurance providers, so you can submit a claim after treatment.

Registered massage therapists

Pain-Free and Stress-Free

Our remedial care includes personalized strengthening exercises, stretches and appropriate hydrotherapy. Our goals as massage therapists are to return the body to a pain-free state, alleviate mental discomfort and stress, increase range of motion, and promote the body’s natural healing process to establish an overall state of physical and emotional well being.

Nearly everyone can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of our massages and other services. To find out more about how our treatments are right for you, or to book an appointment, or to buy a gift certificate,  contact us today.

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